How does it work? On the site, the built-in accessibility menu opens on the right side when you click on the accessibility icon.What options are available?

Increase or decrease the font size on the site.

Readable font-replace the site font with a more readable and clear one.

Adaptation for the visually impaired — black background with white text.

Adaptation for the visually impaired — white background with black text.

Adaptation for color violations — canceling chroma on the site.

Underline links-highlight links in red and add an underscore.

Highlight titles-highlight titles in black and add an underscore.

Keyboard navigation.

Normal view-resets all accessibility settings on the site and displays them in normal mode.

The accessibility statement is a window.

ExplanationDespite efforts to make pages available on this site, you may find pages that have not yet been fully accessible or for which an appropriate technical solution for their availability has not yet been found. We continue to work to improve the accessibility of the site to the best of our ability, based on our belief and moral obligation to ensure that the site is used by the entire population, including people with disabilities.Site AvailabilityWe see the high importance of providing equal services to all our customers, including website visitors, and therefore we invest a lot of effort and resources in ensuring the availability of our website.As part of this effort, the site has implemented accessibility components, including:

The website is intended for viewing and is supported by general browsers.

Content — The content of the site is written in a simple and clear way. The site’s content is divided into several levels, with each level subdivided into different topics.

Links — links on the site are available for recognition.

Images — use alternative text for images.

Design — the site uses a design adapted for visually impaired users.

Site Structure — The site structure is based on easy and clear navigation and information menus, built using lists to ensure easy and fast access to the site.

Accessibility menu — the site has an accessibility menu installed. Clicking on the menu opens the accessibility buttons.

Contact us If, despite our efforts, you encounter difficulties, we will be happy to receive any feedback, ideas and suggestions on accessibility issues through the feedback form on our website. To help us better solve the problem, please attach the full data, if possible • * Description of the collision with the problem. • What action did you try to perform? • What page were you on? * What browser are you in? We will review the issue and contact you as soon as possible with information about the solution.

Requests for accessibility issues.

If you have any questions or problems related to the availability of the site, you can contact the accessibility coordinator directly via the feedback form on our website, by e-mail: or by phone/WhatsApp: 055-2949095.